The <IR> Academic Database

Welcome to the <IR> Academic Database - bringing together Integrated Reporting related academic research, both published (books, chapters and articles) and unpublished (dissertations, PhD theses, and working papers).

Academic research is crucial to the development and success of integrated reporting, with the academic community encouraging innovation, highlighting potential positive ramifications and commenting on emerging best practice.

This database will be updated on a regular basis so that you can find all the latest academic research in the field together in one easily searchable database. This research is helping to shape how and where integrated reporting is adopted today. We encourage you to review its contents to understand further what integrated reporting is and why it can be beneficial to our markets, society and the environment. Please also do let us know about new pieces of research that you come across.

We hope that you find this a useful resource for finding and understanding the latest thinking in this field.

About the <IR> Academic Network

This database is run on a voluntary basis by the <IR> Academic Network. The network brings together leading academics in this field, ensuring the International Integrated Reporting Council is abreast of relevant academic thinking, informing its work at every stage. The network provides a space for connecting theory and practice by bridging academia to those who directly prepare and benefit from integrated reports.

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